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You will find that Gameday will not be the same this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols.  A few things that will be different are:


1)    There will be limited seating.

2)    All seating will be outdoor.

3)    We are not taking reservations. 

4)    There will be NO standing around. Everyone must be seated.

5)    There will be a limit of 10 patrons per table.

6)    We will have at the full menu available for Gameday.

7)    Food orders will be placed at first window on patio with the line forming down the sidewalk on the San Jacinto side of building.

8)   Beer orders will be placed at the window inside the “garage area” with the line forming on the Duval St side of building.

9)    You MUST WEAR A MASK when walking and when placing or picking up an order.

10)    Tables or chairs MAY NOT be moved.

11)    Kitchen is open 11am – 10pm

12)    Bar is open 11am – 11pm.


There will be hand sanitizer dispensers placed throughout the area. All table and chairs will be sprayed with a disinfectant  between customers leaving and being seated.


Please maintain the six foot distance while waiting in line to order.  If everyone does their part, we will have a successful Gameday experience and will be able to provide that experience for the remainder of the season.

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