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50th Anniversary

The Beginning

Saturday July 24, 2021
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Incredible as it may seem, it has been 50 years since the Posse East Bar and Grille opened its door in June 1971.


The Posse East was opened by a U.T. chemical engineering student as a way to financially get through UT and to have a place to enjoy with his friends. All employees were UT friends/student needing part time work. Employees over the years have not only graduated from UT, but went on to get their Masters Doctorate, or Law degrees.


The first year was tough. What was once a bombed-out shell of a taco stand, converted from an old gas station. we slowly transformed it into the shrine you see before you. The fearless proprietors worked hard to make their dream come true. Within two weeks the second customer finally walked in and bought a six pack of Old Milwaukee (99¢), to go. Shortly the cigar box was traded in on a semi-electric cash register, a new coat of camouflage paint made the ancient beer vault sparkle and workers finally broke into the tomb next door that was to become the meeting place of governors and thieves, poets and chain link fence salesmen.


Those were simpler times--Before Disco or Cosmic Cowboys, and times when the term "punk" was reserved for 16-year-old boys trying to buy beer from the comfort of their fathers' Oldsmobile. The music of choice that summer: Rock and Roll, with Aqualung and Ram and Idlewild South and Maggie May and Get Together and Baba O'Riley and Lady Madonna. Those were the days when Rock was Rock, when we were against the war before it became fashionable, nobody had even heard of Willie Nelson and we had a President you could really sink your teeth into. 


As time progressed The Posse East has faced many of life’s adversities. From a fire in Spring of 1986, several economic downturns and of course COVID-19 shutdowns. We survived these episodes thanks to our regular customer base and all of our patrons. After the fire in 1986, Posse had no insurance and friends and staff volunteered their time to rebuild the inside dining room

But Dear Friends, shed no tears lest they be tears of joy- for we 

have survived, and now is the time to return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear. So get out your Clint Eastwood hats, your cheap Mexican sandals, your baggies, bell bottoms, patch-laden jeans.


The Posse East is one of the most popular tailgating location. Only 1/4 mile from the stadium (as we say one pint to the stadium).  In 2012, Posse East was voted one of the best college football bars in the US.  


Our salsa won the Austin Chronicle Salsa Festival in 2018 and came in third in 2019 both in the Restaurant Red Salsa category.  We are also known for our great Queso. 


It’ been great not only to be across from UT, but also the first “Pub/Watering Hole” north of Memorial Stadium. The passing paraded has been marvelous all 50 years for us and our patrons.

Food and Beer Specials



Beer Specials

Domestic – $2.00 Pint, $7.00 Pitcher

Import - $3.00 Pint, $12.00 Pitcher


Food Specials 

Nacho (1)- $1

Beef Taco (1)- $2

Large Queso - $5

Large Queso+Meat - $6

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